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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 25, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> david webb was in the house, thank you for being here. have a great weekend, we are going to pray and sent thoughts to the texas gulf coast. "happening now" now. >> jon: a fox news alert, evacuations underway as hurricane harvey strengthens in the gulf of mexico, welcome to the second hour of "happening now," i'm jon scott. >> heather: i'm heather childers. people in the coastal community are bracing for the strongest storm to hit the community in 12 years. hurricane harvey could slam into texas late tonight and the problem as it could linger for days. >> my concern is the flood, the water is rising, trying to get some sandbags to seal my house and my father's house so we can
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prevent anyone water going in but i don't know if it's going to be enough. >> jon: tracking it all in the fox extreme weather center, what's the latest? >> heather just mentioned coastal areas, coastal areas will obviously research even though strongest storm surge but this is not just a coastal event, this is kind of an eastern texas event and it's going to be with us until wednesday or thursday of next week. category two coat right here, likely to strengthen up to a category three storm. i want to point out this, this is tomorrow night. this forecast right here is at 7:00 p.m. tomorrow local time and we still have a hurricane. we are going to be so close, the storm is moving so slowly that were going to continue to have a moisture source, it will continue to have those strong winds. we are talking about a really long duration event of the high
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wind. then you factor in along with that, the rain we are going to be dealing with. the other thing we are going to be seeing is that storm surge pulled on sure here. the storm is going to stay so close to the shore at the storm surge is not going to go away. the rain on top of that, this is a radar. with all the storms we've seen come towards the u.s., they often see dry air come in and break apart a little bit. it is incredibly well organized, two i walls. that often happens, they go through this replacement cycle. if this out or wall starts to take over and contract we will get a lot more energy out of this and are strengthening storm
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is always way more dangerous than a storm that is stable or beginning to weaken. 90 miles offshore here, moving so slow it's going to take a good amount of time to get here. it's a long duration event with the wind. i want to show you at least one of our models that we look at here, we have major hurricane force winds right here on shore, that does not move very well. this is one of our very reliable models, there is the center of the storm, you watch what happens. you go in towards a saturday evening and sunday, this model is very frightening. it's a model we like a lot which makes us even more concerned. all the rain, potentially has time to strengthen again and make a second landfall sometime wednesday until thursday, potentially as a very strong
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hurricane again. everything you've heard us talk about, you think you understand how hurricanes work, you have to forget that with this one. this is a different kind of event because it is such a long duration event. when you have that much tropical moisture, a storm continuing to have its moisture source, take a look at what these model outputs are doing for rain. they are incredible, we have totals here around 40 inches. we never see model outputs like this, very rare if i've ever seen it. models continue to show us that these are the kind of rainfall totals we are talking about. take a look, victoria, 35 inches. go up towards houston, 22. houston has all kinds of flooding problems generally. the water doesn't have any place to go because it's such a long
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area. this is one storm i don't see any way that we don't have a catastrophe on our hands. along the coast, could go one way or another, we are so sure. we have a catastrophe in the making here and it is all beginning. things just get worse from here on out throughout the night. >> jon: i know the national weather service is using the term "catastrophic flooding." a scary stuff. thank you. >> heather: strong words, there. the white house says that president trump is keeping a close eye on hurricane harvey and its track in the federal government stands ready to help wherever it is needed. here is press secretary sarah sanders yesterday. >> elaine duke is watching this closely, very involved with the
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process and again, i think we are in great shape, having general kelly sitting next to the president throughout this process and probably know better chief of staff for the president during the hurricane season and the president has been briefed and will continue to be updated as the storm progresses, we will keep a very watchful eye and stands ready to provide resources if needed. >> heather: john roberts joins us now with more on this. what sarah sanders was just talking about, the continued briefings. the president tweeted out picture of the briefing saying he is staying up-to-date. >> the white house is determined not to repeat the mistakes the bush administration made in 2005. the president had an oval office briefing about 10:00 this morning, here is the tweet he just mentioned.
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the president is also in touch with leaders on the ground in the area in the cross hairs, saying "i have spoken of governor abbott of texas, closely monitoring hurricane harvey development and here to assist as needed." iowa senator chuck grassley urged the president to stand top of the situation, tweeting up this morning "keep an eye or keep on top of hurricane harvey, don't make the same mistakes president bush made with katrin katrina. i spoke to an administration official at the short time ago. he told me the highest priority is on saving and sustaining lives in the impacted areas and protecting first responders. the loudest message on the white house this afternoon is for people in the path of the store to heed warnings, there needs to be a level of responsibility for people and their loved ones by heeding the advice of local authorities, people have a higher chance of
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not being impacted by the storm. by not heeding those warnings. people not only endanger themselves but first responders as well who have to go rescue them. of the preparation i am told that the white house is doing is significant, the level of involvement is significant in the level of awareness of the president is significant. the white house clearly concerned about the amount of rain that will be dumped in the next 48-72 hours but also worried about what could be an extraordinarily high storm surg surge. one of the big things happening at the white house today, an extraordinary interview that the white house chief economic advisor gave to the financial times talking about the fallout from the president's comments about charlottesville. telling the financial times "i have come under enormous pressure both to resign and to remain in my current position. as a patriotic american, i am reluctant to leave my post because i feel a duty to fulfill my commitment on behalf of the
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american people." he told the financial times "this administration can and must do better inconsistently and unequivocally condemning these groups and do everything we can to heal the deep divisions that exist within our communities." fox news is told that prior to a meeting with the president on friday, he actually drafted a letter of resignation. we don't know if that was ever tender to the president but it's clear the president is not talking about him resigning and he said he is going to stay on. also indicating that the president next week is planning on launching into tax reform, he's got an event tentatively scheduled for springfield, missouri, on wednesday but depending on the impact of the storm, i imagine that could probably change. >> heather: september is going to be a lot of work on capitol hill, that was before harvey hit. thank you so much.
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>> jon: the white house is downplaying president trump's flurry of attacks against republican lawmakers, insisting the party is united and focused on the path forward. >> i think the relationships are fine, certainly there will be some policy differences but there are also a lot of shared goals and that is what we are focused on. we are disappointed that they failed to get obamacare repealed and replaced but at the same time president trump has worked with leader macconnell to reach out to other members and to work on those shared goals and we are going to continue to do that when that senate comes back from recess. >> jon: let's bring a senior politics writer for u.s. news. the white house might say it is trying to work with republicans, "the washington post" headline today says the president is distancing himself from the g.o.p. because his expectation is that they are not going to get much done and if they don't he doesn't want to catch the blame for it. >> i think that's true.
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he ran under the banner of the republican party, he for all intents and purposes ran as an independent candidate. i think he's frustrated with the inability of the senate to get a health care vote and i think he's frustrated that a tax cut and tax reform keeps getting kicked down the road. he's not going to take the blame for this himself, he's going to point the finger at congress and right now congress is controlled by republicans. >> jon: if republicans are in the majority, doesn't he hurt them and their efforts to succeed by going after some of the senators personally? >> he certainly does. the most recent was the senator from tennessee, used to be an important ally of the white house, was on the short-list to be his vice presidential running mate. during the recess, some really tough comments about
10:12 am
president trump, his ability to lead and provide stability. trump fires back, that's what he does in every instance. the problem now is in the summer season where it was recess, we are moving into the fall, it's going to be a very big legislative ceiling with the debt ceiling on the white house hopes tax reform. >> jon: the president see some benefit in distancing himself from his fellow republicans? >> i think so. president trump is not popular, he set about 40%, somewhat under that if you look at other polls. congress is always more unpopular than the president. he can point to congress, point to mitch mcconnell who has an abysmal approval rating nationwide and he can point to them and say these guys are the reason i can't get a vote. that's what he did in arizona this week, he basically pointed out that one of the senators from arizona prevented a health care bill from getting
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past. and now he's already preemptively attacking mitch mcconnell, saying there's another way to get the debt ceiling past and get that taken care of so we can move move ono other things. this is what this president has done, i think he will continue to do it because there is a base of his supporters that always side with him over congress even if they are republicans. >> jon: if he continues to attack republicans, democrats can sit silently on the sidelines and watch and laugh and then you've got an election next year, if republicans do not hold the house or the senate, that's not good for president trump's agenda. >> it's not. some republicans are talking about a flip scenario where democrats could actually take back the house. republicans couldn't retain the senate because the math is so different for democrats in this
10:14 am
2018 year, a lot of red state senators are up and are going to be in tough races. it's not helpful when the president is going at senator flake, senator heller, two gonna do my vulnerable republicans will be up next year. that is why you see republican leadership saying lay off these guys, please temper it, don't go after them but in the end of the president does what he wants to do no matter what type of advice he is getting from senate leadership or from his white house advisors. >> jon: 's interesting political times in washington. david, thank you. >> heather: we will talk more about those interesting times coming up. paul ryan on the attack against obamacare, what he is saying and whether the new g.o.p. effort to replace the health care law. plus, almost 20 years after the death of princess diana, we will look back at restored video of her wedding to prince charles. >> apparently it's getting stronger and stronger, they say.
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>> heather: lawmakers will soon head back to washington with very little time to accomplish to cope crucial tasks, raising the debt limit and funding the government. some say president trump isn't doing congress any favors by threatening a government shutdown. a member of the house appropriations committee joins us now to talk a little bit about this. if my timing is right, when you return you have approximately four weeks to figure out the plan for 2018. can the word get done and the president now throwing this threat in there about a government shutdown, how does that impact things? >> i don't think shutting down
10:19 am
the government is good for anybody, that being said i think it's important to talk about the border wall if you will. i know there's a lot of political rhetoric from the president and the left as well but in my opinion it's important that we do fund homeland security and specifically the money that will be going towards the wall if you will. there is a need for people, for technology and for all wall if you will in different places. with the money being directed under the plan we have it now, those are sorely needed in the wall and areas that are needed. i think it would be a mistake to try to fight the president on this because i think he is right and again, border patrol is telling us we need that wall in those specific areas. i hope we are able to get it passed that way. >> heather: who does this
10:20 am
tough talk benefit? does it benefit republicans like you, does it put a little added pressure on republicans to get things passed? >> from the president, he obviously -- the american people who put him in office want to see that as well. even from a practical standpoint, the money directed is absolutely needed in some areas. it's not just wall, it also has levee in it which helps the flooding and that community. it's important i think that we get the agenda passed. >> heather: you have members of your own party that disagree with that and are standing up against it, how do you get them to come on board? >> meaning they are disagreeing with the wall funding or shutting down of government? i think that once we get back in september, i think we can come
10:21 am
to an agreement to get this done, have the funding included in the wall in there. for practical reasons, where it's needed i think we can get it done. >> heather: let's talk about this very briefly, your take on what the president had to say about afghanistan. i think you have said and some other interviews you agree and you think his strategy was needed. >> i think there are three fundamental points for me personally on this. i think congress has to debate the authorization of military force, it 16 years old, third president using it, i think it's important that congress get in the debate. number two, i think the president's strategy has moved towards the flexibility for the war fighters out is there. it moves away from a checker strategy that takes into account india and pakistan and potentially russia and china.
10:22 am
>> heather: i'm sorry to have to cut you off, very important what you are saying. we have to wrap things up because of breaking news, thank you for joining us. >> the president skepticism about afghanistan is important unwarranted. understand fully. mortgage confidently. ♪ [brother] any last words? [boy] karma, danny... ...karma! [vo] progress is seizing the moment. your summer moment awaits you, now that the summer of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the summer of audi sales event.
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>> heather: this is a fox news alert, hurricane harvey gathering strength as it takes aim at corpus christi, texas. officials ordering people to evacuate because the storm has hit -- is expected to hit the coast overnight. greg abbott saying some people just don't listen. >> so many texans have said for one they didn't think this was going to be all that serious of a storm and they have been through these before and they think they don't need to
10:26 am
evacuate. but they can't predict is the magnitude of the rain that will be coming down and the ability for them to either be trapped or completely inundated by this wall of water. they need to recognize, it's only one life they have and they need to use that life to get out of harm's way. >> heather: michael bennett joining me now, thank you for joining us. some of the impact already being felt along the coastline. >> harvey's eye is only about 100 miles southeast of corpus christi. we are seeing sustained tropical storm force winds in the corpus christi area and also 2 feet of inundation above the ground. for those folks who will have to evacuate, you are pretty much running out of time in this area unfortunately. >> heather: what is your biggest concern about this
10:27 am
hurricane, is it the storm surge? >> the storm surge in the rainfall, water is what kills most people in hurricanes. that is life-threatening storm surge, 6 feet tall, double my height. you are talking 12 feet of water in your house, on your street. harvey is going to move very slowly into the portions of next week, it is going to meander here. we have a catastrophic rainfall flooding, 25 inches of rain, the combination of the rainfall flooding which includes the houston-galveston metro area, could affect millions of people. we are going to be dealing with a lot of water for many days from the rainfall and the storm surge. >> heather: it's not just the specific area, either. >> the wind impacts are going to
10:28 am
travel at the horror of the hurricane. the storm surge is going to occur over a wide area. the rainfall is going to cover hundreds of thousands of square miles of real estate. >> heather: fox news will have it completely covered all weekend long. thank you so much. >> jon: democrats hope for a comeback in the midterm elections and they hope the president can provide them the perfect opportunity. where the party is looking to capitalize. plus, the health care fight far from over. new developments might send republicans back to the drawing board on efforts to repeal and replace obamacare. meanwhile, the president is still pushing for action. >> i can tell you the president continues to be committed to repealing and replacing obamacare and making sure america has good health care.
10:29 am
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♪ >> jon: democrats looking to flip a red district in virginia as they plan for next year's midterm elections. >> heather: the party is focusing on the state's tenth district, that is where republicans have ruled the roost for decades. democrats are hoping the president's unpopularity may give them a fighting chance. live from clifton virginia with more. >> hillary clinton won this district by ten points in
10:33 am
november but a republican member of congress held on and now that republican is a soft target for democrats trying to flip the house in 2018. opponents are trying to tie her to president trump even though in the final days of the campaign she said she thought president trump was violent to drop out of the race. >> she tried to distance herself from trump the candidate and i think we saw since trump has been in office she has voted more than 90% of the time lockstep with the president. people in the tenth are ready for someone who represents them a little better than that 90%. >> she has to look to her right for challengers as well. her no vote was interpreted by some here as a betrayal so now there is one republican trying to get her off the ballot. >> we supported the
10:34 am
congresswoman when she first ran, we wanted to support her as a conservative representing us. she has lied to us. my wife has a pre-existing condition, she is a cancer survivor. when barbara voted to keep obamacare it was a moral failure and that is one of the reasons i am running. >> looking ahead to a year determining whether or not she holds onto the seat. we did try to interview congresswoman comstock for this piece today and we had one
10:35 am
scheduled but her office canceled on us earlier this week. >> the reason i'm disappointed is because it is not an option, obamacare is not working. we have dozens of counties across america who have zero insurance left, doing nothing is not an option. >> jon: the lawmaker cites the lack of coverage in some counties as a reason to repeal and replace the affordable care act. but as of yesterday, an ohio insurer stepped in to cover the last so-called of bear county. the last county in the country that was offering no policies under obamacare. everyone has at least one insurer selling obamacare policies next year. joining us not to discuss, media director for
10:36 am
a liberal political commentary and public affairs are faster at johns hopkins university. if you read the papers, a lot of people suggest that obamacare is working because every county has coverage. what do you make of that argument? >> eight years ago obamacare was sold to the american people with lies and now it is being defended with more lies. remember if the promise if you like your plan you can keep your plan, now democrats are saying, if you don't like our plan you are out of luck. the democrats are now celebrating, look, everyone has a plan now. why was there so much trouble in getting insurance to come in and cover people. people don't have the options they deserve and people are now having to spend it with lies. they are just giving them a one-size-fits-all policy and
10:37 am
that is hurting american people. >> jon: the fact that every county has one coverage choice at least, is that sending to be rejoice? >> policymakers have to start being honest and what speaker ryan did was intellectually dishonest. we know the trump administration delivery really drove out insurers to make room for trumpcare. a speaker ryan said dozens of bare patches were there. at this time time said that, there were only to go bare patches. now there are no bare patches. obamacare is not failing, the case against it from the g.o.p. is what's failing. the g.o.p. has to put aside this pervasive narrative. they can now start fixing what is wrong with the affordable care act. what they cannot do is say they are going to repeal it. they should turn to fixing what is wrong. >> jon: there were insurers
10:38 am
dropping out of the exchanges well before president trump took office. >> yes, there were. there are issues with the affordable care act but it is not beyond fixing. it's something we can fix and i think congress really needs to turn its sights on fixing what is wrong instead of trying to repeal it and making so 22 million of americans will go without insurance. that's the big issue here, we had to do what is best for the american people and that is not to repeal obamacare, that is to fix any of the glitches that may be present. >> that 22 million number, do you know how many millions of those people are only going to be losing their insurance because they would choose not to have insurance and are forced to have it because of the obamacare mandate? in 2013 the average american family was paying $2700 for their mandate and in 2017 it is $5700 a year the average american is paying for their health care, it is absolutely addicted to make ridiculous. it's not sustainable and it is
10:39 am
misleading to try to twist what the cbo score is saying. we can't let him direct failure of republicans take us away from the fact that they still need to get repealed on and their promise to voters. >> that's not true. i think we need to focus on what speaker ryan just set a few days ago, he said there several dozen bare patches and this is the rhetoric i am talking about. it's misleading the american people. i am all for fixing obamacare. there are changes that need to be made but we cannot use this language to make it seem like we are dealing with something completely wrong or nefarious in nature, it is not. there are only two go bare patches and we need to come together in a bipartisan way to fix anything that is wrong. >> jon: you can't put the toothpaste back in the tube but if obamacare had never been
10:40 am
passed, would there have been any bare patches? >> the democrats are celebrating fixing a problem that only exist because they created in the first place. it would almost be comical if it wasn't hurting so many americans. >> there is nothing comical about this, people are losing their lives and people are dying, we don't need to make light of what's going on here, we really need to come together in a bipartisan way. >> i think we can all agree it is ridiculous that the left is celebrating when people are only uncover because the democrats passed the policy in the first place. >> jon: it does seem that having one insurer getting government subsidies or government-subsidized policies to help keep it in place, that's hardly a victory, is it? >> that's not a victory and i think that is actually problematic if you want me to be quite honest, we need to have one insurer because that tilts the market in a way we don't
10:41 am
want to start setting a precedent for again. but we cannot have the g.o.p. trying to choke out the market either and refusing to give money so this medical assistance can move forward, that's in it you as well. it's important that we come together and do this in a bipartisan manner but we cannot choke out the market. this instability is coming from congress, what are insurer supposed to do? they are pulling out preemptively. >> jon: the insurance companies find they were not able to be profitable under the obamacare regulations. you have to own up to that as well. >> that's one of the fixes we have to make, i agree with that. >> jon: think you both. good discussion. >> heather: this fox news alert, the white house announcing new sanctions against venezuela, barring banks from new financial deals with the government.
10:42 am
they stop short of borrowing petroleum imports to venezuela. the move is meant to dramatically ramp up pressure on the socialist regime and further hurt venezuela's economy winchester shrunk more than third since 2015. >> jon: more fox team coverage of the arrival of hurricane harvey, how fema is responding as the agency faces its new test under new leadership. plus, it was a storybook wedding the whole world watched. the newly restored footage of princess diana's wedding that has royal watchers rejoicing. roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to?
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>> heather: welcome back, "happening now," some new information on the release of a royal time capsule.
10:46 am
the associated press marking the 36 anniversary of princess dian diana's wedding to prince charles by putting out a newly restored 4k footage of the ceremony. you can watch the 25 minute clip on youtube. they got married back in 1981 if you can believe it, a long time ago. they were divorced in 1996, a year before the princess was killed in a paris car crash. >> jon: right now federal authorities are predicting catastrophic damage as hurricane harvey takes aim at the texas coast. fema administrator says the agency is on top of the situation, tweeting... chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is following all of this from washington. >> this is the first real test for fema under the trump administration, fema is one of the components of homeland security and its new administrator has been in the
10:47 am
job two months. this morning fema release this photo on twitter of the situation room meeting in washington with the administrator getting an update on the movement as well as conditions on the ground. fema is sending 250,000 meals, 4,000 tarps and 70,000 liters of water to the randolph air force base near san antonio. fema is also working with the army engineers, providing generators to help restore power to badly afflicted areas. this morning the texas governor was sounding the alarm. >> the thing i am most concerned about right now is the fact that this storm has taken on new and worsening conditions over the past 24-48 hours. a couple days ago texans assumed this would not be that severe of a storm and not too many people evacuated. >> long was confirmed in june and has a background in emergency management. he was the director of fema in
10:48 am
alabama and he told congress that his strategy is to encourage local state governments to take initiative and not rely on the federal government. the president is getting regular updates from his chief of staff john kelly who until recently was the homeland security secretary. >> jon: thank you, catherine. be sure to catch fema administrator brock long this afternoon on "your world with neil cavuto." >> heather: people will want to hear from him. in the meantime there is a new battle brewing over what may be a piece of early american history. a vacant plot of land in brooklyn. it could be the burial site of hundreds of american revolutionary war soldiers. (dad) don't worry about it.
10:49 am
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♪ >> we are about to hear from the governor of texas, a hurricane taking aim at his state and predictions of catastrophe for the texas golf. as soon as he begins his remarks we will take them live. also, coming up, the briefing from the white house today. sarah sanders will update us on what president trump and his team are doing in preparation. millions of people in the path of the storm, keep it on fox. i'll see you when i anchor "america's news headquarters" next. >> jon: police in london have released surveillance video of a jewelry heist last month where burglars got away with more than $2 million in gems. it happened overnight july 10th. inside cameras show the thieves crawling through a whole they made with a crowbar and a sledgehammer. they got away with gold and diamond necklaces, pendants, and earrings.
10:53 am
>> heather: a new fight in new york city over what may be the site of a mass grave dating back to the revolutionary war. the land is set to be the site of a school but preservation is one of the projects on hold until they can study it further. >> this vacant lot behind me is thought to be a mass grave for slaves from the 1800s and four soldiers from the american revolution. preservationists say this land was owned by the vanbrunt family as a burial ground for slaves. the lot is owned by new york's department of education with plans on building a school here in time for fall 2018. local politicians want the city to hold off pending further investigation. >> i know we need to build a
10:54 am
school to alleviate overcrowding but we can't build a school on the foundation of ignorance. we can't teach our children history if we don't understand history ourselves. >> earlier this year an archaeological dig uncovered trenches that could be evidence this is the gray for some 250 soldiers who fought for the maryland 400. the regiment may have single-handedly saved the american revolution. during the battle of brooklyn, general george washington and the continental army were cornered. still, historians debate if the maryland 400 were buried in a mass grave. >> according to historians of that era who were much closer to the fact, they thought this would be a good place to bury them. so they did that. >> it's unlikely that the
10:55 am
british would've gone through the trouble to find them to put them together and it's unlikely that marylanders would all have been killed in one place. >> if remains are found, advocates want a monument memorial built on the vacant lot that honors both the slaves and america's first veterans. >> interesting stuff, thank you very much. thank you. >> jon: coming up, a devoted long-suffering philadelphia eagles fan takes one last shot at his beloved team. your final 30, next. >> i couldn't help but laugh. ♪ before it ends. choose from the is turbo, es 350 or nx turbo for $299 a month for 36 months if you lease now.
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>> jon: fox news alert and a bit of a surprise, there is h.r. mcmaster, the president national security advisor. listen to this update from the white house. >> it strongly punishes the venezuelan regime. this order demonstrates more clearly than ever that the united states will not allow an illegitimate dictatorship to take hold in the western hemisphere at the expense of its people. it threw president strong action, the united states will target the means with the maduro dictatorship can accumulate debt to enrich its corrupt regime insiders and perpetuate its behavior. only six weeks ago, 7 million venezuelans voted overwhelmingly against the maduro regime plans to create an assembly.
10:58 am
the people of venezuela never requested. united states and regional community stood in solidarity with the venezuelan people and demanded that their voices be heard. maduro chose to embrace dictatorship over his own people. as a result, a dozen of venezuela's neighbors gathered in lima, peru, and rejected maduro's actions. president trump promised strong action if maduro moved ahead and ignored his people's will. with today's announcement, the president is keeping his promise of strong action and continuing to show strong leadership. this executive order does not need to be permanent. the president has said that "a stable and peaceful venezuela is in the best interest of the entire hemisphere." we will continue to work with
10:59 am
our friends and partners and the international community to support the venezuelan people until the rights and democracy are fully restored. now i'll turn it over to secretary mnuchin to describe this executive order in greater detail. >> thank you. thank you. today's executive order demonstrates the u.s. governments condemnation of tyranny and dictatorship in venezuela. the maduro regime has consistently shown hostility to the rule of law, democratic institutions, and the venezuelan people. this has been a catastrophe for the country. nicolas maduro has financed his regime by howling out venezuela through economic mismanagement, corruption, and of the assumption of onerous debt. let me be clear, today's action is focused on restricting the regimes access to american debt
11:00 am
and equity markets. maduro may no longer take advantage of the american financial system to facilitate the wholesale looting of the venezuelan economy at the expense of the venezuelan peopl people. these measures will also undermine maduro's ability to pay off political cronies and regime supporters and increase pressure on the regime to abandon its disastrous path. under the executive order, u.s. persons are prohibited from engaging in specified dealings involving the government of venezuela and its instrumentalities. this includes state owned oil company penta visa, these provisions extend to transactions occurring in the united states and cover both debt and equity instruments. in an effort to minimize the undue harm


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